Banks Reversible Lumber Jacket


With the BANKS Reversible Lumber Jacket, you’ve really got the best of both worlds — that is, the option to wear this jacket as a hard-wearing, classic outdoors piece, or the chance to rock it in a way that’s a bit more subdued. The thing is, there’s no wrong way to wear the BANKS Reversible Lumber Jacket, featuring brushed flannel on one side and molton wool on the other. Front chest pockets add utility and rugged styling potential, while a zip closure makes this like any regular bomber jacket … yet upgraded with plenty of excellent touches.

It’s available for $160, which really is a nice deal when you consider the fact that you’re getting two jackets in one. It goes handsomely with other BANKS staples, like the Roy Shirt. Get that one-two combo, and you’re ready for plenty of winter layering (just add classic Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots — at least, that’s what we’d do). – $160

Banks Reversible Lumber Jacket


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