Barebones Cast Iron Griddle

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This is for the good breakfasts. Not the sad bowl of cereal you eat standing over the sink. It’s for when you wake up in a tent, last night’s campfire smoke still in your hair. You head to the fire pit, light it up, and break out the eggs, peppers, potatoes, and sausage. The cast iron griddle from Barebones has two sides, a grill side for burgers, a flat side for the breakfast of champions. Set it over the campfire or on your camp stove, the steel-enhanced cast iron can take it. 

A little lighter thanks to the added steel (but by no means light at thirteen pounds), the griddle is also more durable than standard cast iron. And since it’s pre-seasoned with natural oils right out of the box, it’s ready for use the next time you camp. Even if you’re not heading out to the wilderness this weekend, it’ll also work with your backyard grill or kitchen stove top.

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