Barebones Living Lodge Tent

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Camping out there alone in the wilderness has its perks. Quiet, solitude, independence. But it can get lonely. So pack up 11 of your friends and get cozy in the same tent. The Barebones Lodge Tent comes with an attachable floor, 10 screened-in windows, 2 doors and 180 square feet of living space.

If you also pick up a few of Barebones’ camping bunk cots, you can fit 12 campers all sleeping at once. Feel free to take the Lodge Tent out when the forecast looks iffy. This thing can handle weather. When tied down with the high wind kit, it can withstand 90 mile per hour winds and hold up to 1,000 pounds of snow. To warm everybody up, it comes with a port for your stove, though with 12 bodies generating heat, you might not need it. – $3,810

Barebones Lodge Tent

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