Beartooth Vanworks

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When you camp you don’t want a tent, you want a van. Or you’re into the idea of camping full time, living out there on the road with all you’ll ever need in this life ingeniously integrated into a movable home. Either way, you’ll want to see the conversions these guys from Montana make. Typically starting from 144” Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans, Beartooth Vanworks take your van and get to work applying their baseline improvements — sound and heat insulation, blackout curtains, roof fan, flooring, and a solar electrical system. From there, it only gets more deluxe.

They’ve got five different models to peruse, from the barebones Road’s End to the ready-for-backroad-snow First Tracks. Fridges and galleys, port-a-potties and clotheslines, storage for days, these guys do it all.

Answering their questions on the contact page will start getting you dialed into to the type of conversion that’s best for you. Do you need a diesel heater? A platform bed? Hot water? Answer the questions, put down your dollar bills and start preparing for life on the road. Or just camping with a roof over your head.

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