The Beefer

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Here’s something for anyone who’s ever looked at a pottery kiln or a glass-blowing furnace and thought, “I wonder how that would cook a steak.” The Beefer looks like a modern piece of lab equipment with its clean stainless steel lines, but inside it’s purely focused on what’s for dinner. At its core, the Beefer is a propane-powered grill that can reach an insane 1,500° F to cook a steak in mere minutes, turning the outside perfectly seared and the inside extra juicy.

It’s bound to become your favorite way to cook a steak, and despite the name, the Beefer will handle more than just beef. With different heat zones, it can cook fish and veggies, and expanding the menu options even further, Beefer offers accessories like a pizza stone and burger tray. Made in Germany, the ceramic gas burner, top-heat grill weighs about 35 pounds and sits on any heat-proof base in your backyard. Preheating only takes about five minutes, after that, a steakhouse quality experience is all yours. [via]

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