Bellroy Mirum Edition Slim Sleeve Wallet

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Bellroy’s Slim Sleeve has remained a solid choice for those looking to slim down their bulky wallet, and now the classic offering is available in a new premium material.

This is the innovative, all-natural, and plant-based alternative to Bellroy’s original design. It still has that premium look and feel, but there’s a catch—it’s completely leather-free. 

The new Slim Sleeve is crafted from Natural Fiber Welding’s MIRUM, an all-natural leather alternative made from natural rubber, soy beans and pine charcoal. The lining, pull tab and stitching are cotton, making this an eco-friendly everyday essential. 

Bellroy Mirum Edition Slim Sleeve Wallet

Two quick-access slots keep your cards right where you need them, when you need them. The ultra-slim design makes it easy to slip the wallet in and out of your back pant pocket. Pull-tab storage allows easy access to additional stacked cards, while reducing bulk. 

So go ahead—tuck folded bills behind the left card slot, and marvel at how everything fits so cleverly into this elegant wallet. Limited to an initial first run of 300 pieces.

Price: $99

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