Benchmade 539GY ANONIMUS Knife

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You can pick up a decent everyday carry knife for under 50 bucks. It probably won’t last long, but it will do the job for maybe six months to a year before showing some real wear and tear.

Then you’ll probably want to upgrade to something in the 100 to 200 dollar range. That will give you access to a whole new range of features and materials, and it’s where most EDC knives are found. There are lots of good deals here.

But if you’re willing to really shell out for a knife like the ones Benchmade makes? Then you’ll have a knife that’s going to outlast you, all while providing exceptional performance. It’ll become almost like a member of your family.

Benchmade’s ANONIMUS fixed blade knife is one of those top notch knives, and it’s the one you’d want to carry with you if you had to survive in the woods for an indeterminate amount of time. Its sharpness and edge retention are amazing, and the low-visibility styling will keep you hidden when you need to be. Pair it with a sheath, and this may be the last outdoor knife you ever need.

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