BeoPlay A1 Speaker

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Known as the “industry standard for high-fidelity audio,” B&O is dialing down that focus even further — to the size of your pocket, for instance. Audiophiles rejoice, because the BeoPlay A1 represents a new frontier for the brand.

Using premium crafted materials, the A1 is a portable speaker that goes with you — wherever it is you want to take your tunes, from the beach to poolside to a campfire or your home office. Crazy as it might seem, the A1 fits in the palm of your hand — quite the small size for audio that packs a serious, serious punch in terms of quality.

Done up in sleek black, it’s almost small and refined enough so as to act more like an accent than the focal point of the room — unlike other home personal listening devices. It also features a built-in microphone for making calls, and you get this value for just $249 — a great deal when you consider the hours of listening enjoyment you’ll get from it. – Buy It

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