Bespoke Post Carry Box

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You need everyday carry essentials that are as sharp, stylish and useful as the other gear in your menswear arsenal — so, we present to you the Bespoke Post Carry Box, packed with just the right EDC picks for the next season (and well beyond).

From a slim leather wallet (available in four handsome colors) to a tough and easy-to-carry pen from Fischer Space Pen, the bells and whistles in the Bespoke Post Carry Box are ones that are actually essential — not extra or unnecessary. The Gerber Shard Tool, although small, just might be the best of the bunch, featuring the capability of adding seven tools to your keychain in one tough and rugged package.

From the pry bar to the bottle opener, there’s nearly nothing that the Gerber Shard Tool can’t do — and that’s reflective of the Bespoke Post Carry Box overall. The very best part? It’s available for under $50 when you sign up for Bespoke Post. That’s right — three essentials, less than $50. Bingo. – Shop Now

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