Bespoke Post Box: Jet Set

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Hitting the road these days is about so much more than grabbing a bag, throwing in some gear, and heading out the door — you need considered, versatile, stylish travel staples that work as hard as you do. Better yet, you need the type of gear that can get you from point A to point B affordably and without missing a beat; that’s the type of gear found in the Bespoke Post Jet Set Box.

As with other Bespoke Post style staples, this Bespoke Post Box retails for under $45 (when you join the brand’s subscription service). And the Bespoke Post Jet Set Box really is impressive and seriously utilitarian, from the USA-made leather passport wallet (from Line of Trade) to a slim power bank and a pair of handy, good-looking compression socks for comfort and style.

Again, the fact that you get all of this available for under $50 is truly a sight to behold — but not nearly as cool as the vistas you’ll see on the road. – Shop Now

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