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As Bespoke Post so wisely says, the Point Box is a set of everyday carry gear that “cuts to the chase” — it’s a reminder that every guy needs to hear every now and then. And with that being said, it’s darn near essential that you pick up some of the best tools of the trade, available for an agreeable price in one super-convenient package. The even better part? These EDC tools are better than just standard iterations of your pocket knife or key ring.

The pocket knife itself comes from StatGear, featuring a stainless steel blade inspired by samurai swords. The keyring looks remarkable and features durable construction from Brooklyn’s own Craighill, made from tough-yet-refined looking brass wire. And the pen? Also brass, also well-made and also a uniquely cool way to upgrade your daily carry.

If you want a simple and easy way to upgrade the tools you carry with you every day, the Point Box is definitely the best way to do so. – Shop Now

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