Best BMX Videos Of 2015

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Because there are literally thousands of them being produced every single day, videos tend to have a short shelf life. BMX videos are no exception. Too keep them in the spotlight for a bit longer, we’ve compiled this list of the best BMX videos to hit YouTube so far this year. We’re also pretty excited for what the rest of 2015 will have to offer.


BMX Lord Of Dirt 2015

BMX: Lords Of Dirt 2015

James Foster, Harry Main, and many other high-end dirt riders in the BMX world attended the international Lords Of Dirt competition in France last month, providing one hell of an awesome show for the fans in attendance. Check out the highlights in this action-packed video edit. – Watch Video

Drew Bezanson's Uncontainable

Drew Bezanson’s Uncontainable

Canadian BMX rider Drew Bezanson has no fear whatsoever on a BMX bike. That’s ok though, because that lack of fear allowed us to watch him do unbelievable things on a custom-built ramp setup made from giant shipping containers. Watch this video for some of the ballsiest BMX riding ever recorded. – Watch Video

Tyler Fernengel Silverdome BMX Session

Tyler Fernengel Silverdome BMX Session

Young BMX star Tyler Fernengel threw down some amazing tricks at the abandoned Silverdome stadium in Pontiac, Michigan last June where he once attended sporting events as a child. Fernengel turned pro at 16 years old following a series of web videos displaying his street style BMX skills. – Watch Video

People Are Awesome 2015 BMX Street

People Are Awesome 2015 – BMX Street

This edition of People Are Awesome is literally eight minutes of some of the best street riding on the planet by BMX favorites such as Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Nathan Williams, Stevie Churchill, and Dakota Roche. – Watch Video

Vans x Odyssey BMX Road To Nowhere

Vans x Odyssey BMX – ‘Road To Nowhere’

Odyssey BMX flow team riders Travis Hughes and Jacob Cable teamed up with Vans pro riders Gary Young and Sean Sexton in this video project entitled “Road To Nowhere.” The team hit the open roads in both California and Arizona to throw down some solid riding at some unbelievable locations. – Watch Video

Garrett Reynolds BMX Street Riding

Garrett Reynolds BMX Street Riding

Garrett Reynolds teamed up with Red Bull to drop this insane BMX street riding edit. The video is complete with plenty of bar spins and rail grinds that once again prove Reynolds is one of the best in the business. – Watch Video

Nowear BMX 2015 Edit

Nowear BMX Krazy Karl Hinkley 2015 Edit ‘Freestyle’

Not only is Karl Hinkley the owner of Nowear Extreme Rider Apparel, he’s also an avid BMX rider and the owner of The Nowear Compound—a 6 acre BMX park in the middle of Nebraska. Here are some random clips from the compound compiled together into one awesome video edit. – Watch Video

Milwaukee Hillside Dirtjam 2015

Milwaukee Hillside Dirtjam 2015

These highlights from the 2015 Milwaukee Hillside Dirtjam are incredible and showcase some of the biggest and furthest jumps, tricks, and crashes this year. The event is hosted in Australia by Dew Tour champion Cam white. – Watch Video

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