The Best Everyday Carry Of 2022

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This past year we brought forth to thee many tidings of good gear and featured reading material, but none stole the spotlight in 2022 quite like our weekly selection of EDC essentials.

Because every guy could use just a bit more gear in his pockets, here are the curated EDC picks from 2022 that our readers just couldn’t get enough of.

007 Everyday Carry


Sometimes, I’ll watch a James Bond movie and think, “wow, the gear that Q gives Bond makes my EDC look like a collection of Chinese finger traps and yo-yos.” But that’s what movies are for: Inspiration. With this curation of 007-decreed items, you can remix your everyday carry with a debonair touch and gadget-like function.

OD Green Everyday Carry

OD Green

Like black, gray, and sometimes navy blue, olive drab green is one of those versatile, go-with-anything colors that never looks out of place. Thanks to its decades of use in US Army uniforms—and subsequent ubiquity in vintage and surplus stores—OD green has built up a cache of utilitarian coolness.

Everyday Carry: Porsche


Since their first cars rolled off the assembly line in 1948, Porsche has been wowing auto enthusiasts and design lovers alike. So to pay respect to the auto giant’s impeccable German engineering, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Porsche-inspired everyday carry items.

Half Dome Everyday Carry

Half Dome

As one of the most famous symbols of adventure in America, the Half Dome Rock is a fitting theme for a collection of everyday carry. To achieve this approach, you’ll want EDC that’s rugged, made for the outdoors, and as uniquely-designed as that fascinating formation in Yosemite.

Everyday Carry: Digital


Legendary designer Dieter Rahms sums it up well: “Good design is as little as possible. Less, but better, because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with non-essentials. Back to purity, back to simplicity.”

Hiking Everyday Carry


As avid fans of the trail ourselves, we know the importance of proper preparation. The following four pieces of hike-centric everyday carry gear will make sure that you get out there and back in one piece, and enjoy every minute of your communion with nature.

Steve McQueen Everyday Carry

Steve McQueen

With an approach to style that was more about practicality and less about fashion, the King of Cool made anything on him, whether it was a cardigan or biker jacket, look like it belonged. This everyday carry is dedicated to this effortless, timeless, and traditionally get-it-done mentality that McQueen epitomized.

Everyday Carry: Contrast


With just a little bit of attention to color theory, you can create a signature look through the use of contrast in your EDC accessories. Dress these everyday carry essentials up with just about any outfit, and you’re guaranteed to look good.

Everyday Carry: Refill


Running out of something you need, in the middle of when you need it, is truly maddening. Plus, everyone, and everything, isn’t immune to needing replenishment—even a self-winding watch will inevitably need regulating. From an easy-fill hip flask to a forever-restorable pen, today’s curation of everyday carry will help you get the job done and keep on trucking.

Everyday carry electric


From Ben Franklin to Nikola Tesla, electricity has fascinated great minds the world over. But this gear guide isn’t about the zappy stuff—it’s a collection of our favorite electric-colored equipment to brighten up your everyday carry.

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