Bexar Goods Scorpion Bandana

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Surely, you remember long days under the sun working the yard in the summers back home, right? There’s some gear that’s still made the same way it was back then, and then there’s modern gear that actually would have more than held its own “back in the day” — believe it or not. It seems that, if you ask us, the team at Bexar Goods cuts no corners and delivers plenty of admirable, hard-wearing gear for the modern man — the kind that would have passed muster long before now. 

What’s all this mean for you? It means you should consider the Bexar Goods Scorpion Bandana a now-essential part of your everyday carry. It’s the kind of kerchief that’ll come in mighty handy during a day’s work, be it keeping the sun off your face, acting as an everyday dust rag or shielding your neck from the dusty desert horizon. Consider picking up more than one and adding it to your tool bag or your weekend-ready duffel. In fact, don’t just consider it: Make it happen. 

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