Biolite Alpenglow Multicolor Lantern

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The best part about this lantern is the candlelight flicker. Or maybe it’s the sunset simulation. Either way, Biolite’s newest creation is leaps and bounds beyond your average LED camp lantern. 

Dubbed the Alpenglow, this rechargeable light stands over five inches tall and emits different colors depending on your mood, the environment, or the task at hand. Pushing the button and/or shaking the lantern moves through the available modes—which includes utilitarian task light modes and pure entertainment modes like fireworks. 

Charging happens via mini USB and, like Biolite’s fire pits and basecamp power products, the Alpenglow has the ability to charge your phone or other small devices via USB out, should the need arise. You’ll get five hours of usage on high, or 200 hours on low. There’s even a little hook on the bottom so you can hang it from your tent, a tree, a hook in your living room, or anywhere else that could use a dose of cool, multicolored light. 

Biolite Alpenglow Multicolor Lantern

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