Biolite Bike Commuter Kit

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What’s good for the environment and good for you in equal measure? Biking to work, naturally. It’s a phenomenon that’s outlasted merely becoming a trend, and a turned into a way of life for urban-dwelling works — you might as well take advantage of the best gear possible for your commute to work (and home, consequently). In that case, meet the handy, super-functional and well-considered Bike-to-Work Commuter Kit from BioLite — it’s not as simple as hopping on your bike and calling it good, after all.

The Commuter Kit plays off this quite readily, featuring a durable HeadLamp and band, plus an optional bike mount if you in fact prefer a different (and brighter) field of vision. The Bike-to-Work Commuter Kit retails for under $100, making it an affordable and safe upgrade to light the way and get around with ease.

Perhaps the coolest feature? You can even charge the Bike-to-Work Commuter Kit off your laptop at work — perfect if you’re putting in some extra hours at the office. – Shop Now