BioLite FirePit+

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Back in 2017, we called the original BioLite FirePit “so genius it makes us tear up a little. But not from smoke.” With a design that battles smoke by recirculating it into the fire to be reburned, the BioLite FirePIt gives off the same warmth and ambiance as a camp fire with a whole lot less eyeball irritation. 

BIoLite has since poured their knowhow into a slew of other outdoor tools including a stove, portable, phone-charging solar panels, and campside string lights. But now they’ve gone back to the original fire pit and upgraded it for longer fires, warmer radiation, and improved durability. 

To start, the battery that powers the fans on the FirePit+ will now run for 30 hours on a charge. That’s one epic campfire, right there. The enamel coating has been upgraded to keep the rust away and make cleaning easy. They also tweaked the body design to help radiate the heat further out. Thanks to the upgrade, campers get more campfire and less smoke, for longer.

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