BioLite FirePit

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Your eyes are watering, your lungs are black, you must be enjoying the benefits of sitting beside a roaring camp fire. The people at BioLite think that maybe, what with technology and all, they could perhaps upgrade the campfire. Since it hasn’t been upgraded in, say, 50,000 years or so.

The BioLite FirePit eliminates smoke getting in your eyes with a small fan and 51 air jets that circulate the air around the fire, burning the unburned particulate (aka smoke). You get more burn per log and thanks to the mesh sides, you still get to see your fire and feel the heat. The fan battery gets charged up by micro USB or by the solar panel on the carry bag. For the final touch of modernity, the fan strength (and fire intensity) is easily controlled by your phone. So genius it makes us tear up a little. But not from smoke. – $199

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