Birdsong Brewing Dressed To Chill White Ale

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A little over a year ago, an ale crafted with the aim of being enjoyed on the couch in your PJs would have seemed maybe a little odd. But now? We can’t think of anything that makes more sense. Dressed To Chill White Ale comes from Birdsong Brewing in North Carolina, a brewing concern known for a killer graphic design aesthetic and not being afraid to try new things with their offerings (thinking of their jalapeño pale here).

As a white ale, Dressed to Chill is brewed with wheat in the malt, plus citrus and spices. White ale is a fairly rare style of brew, but unlike some little-known varieties that can seem like they’re just there to test the strength of your beer dedication, white ale is an extremely pleasant and approachable style of beer. Get on your comfy pants (are there other kinds of pants any more?) and settle in to get to know the depth of this seasonal delight. 

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