Birdsong Brewing Rewind Lager

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When you find a classic beer, you know it from that first sip — but it’s a search that requires an expert palette refined over many a beer.  Such is the case when searching out one of the best lagers for spring and summer. It’s a cause we’re fully committed to, so allow us to introduce perhaps your new favorite beer for the sweltering spring and summer months. Heck, let’s not stop there, though: Any time throughout the year you want a crisp and refreshing lager, one that throws it on back to the good old days, consider the aptly named Rewind Lager from Birdsong Brewing.

Clocking in at a very crushable 4 percent ABV and featuring a retro can design that calls to mind old-school lagers, the Rewind Lager checks all the right boxes, using pilsner and carapils malts for an easily drinkable take on a hard-to-perfect style. Yes indeed, it’s a beer so good you’ll want to play it again and again … and again.

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