BMW e-Scooter

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Partnering up with Micro Mobility scooters, BMW is launching the BMW E-Scooter this fall. While some e-vehicles coming to market are designed to blow you away with their flash, instant delivery of torque, and hair-splitting speed, this one is going for utility. It’ll charge fully in about two hours, weighs less than 20 pounds, and folds up to a near-negligible size. Charge it up and grab it as you walk out the door, this thing is ready to go anywhere.  

They’ve opted for a stealth matte-black paint job and loaded the scooter with a lithium-ion battery and a 150-watt motor. With a range of 7.5 miles and a 12 mile an hour top speed it’s not going to win any speed contests — but it’ll get you to the pub up the street with minimal effort. And if your commute involves a bus or train, bringing this along will zip through that last mile, getting you to the front door of your workplace with zero effort.

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