Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

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When a brand claims to have “the world’s most effective” anything, it makes you wonder. But when the brand in question is Bose and the attribute claimed is noise-cancelling, it’s a safe bet they know what they’re talking about. With a long history (as in 50-plus years) of delivering big, full sound from increasingly smaller speakers, the audio corp is perfectly positioned to deliver top notch earbuds that do in fact cancel out everything around you. 

It’s done in two ways. First, the mics on the QuietComfort Earbuds pick up the noise around you and, in less than a millisecond, produce an opposite signal. Then there’s the shape of the buds themselves. The silicone ear nozzle (the part that goes in your ear) creates a light seal with your ear canal to physically block the noise from getting in. 

Of course if they eliminated all the noise but delivered subpar audio, what would be the point? But Bose doesn’t do subpar audio. For these tiny wonders, the high-efficiency drivers and patented acoustic design put out deep lows and realistic sound at both high and low volume. 

Weatherproof and comfortable to wear, gesture controls and six hours of battery life on a charge? If you’re working from home, traveling, or out for a run, these are the best buds you could possibly bring. 

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