Bowmore & Aston Martin Masters’ Selection Scotch Whisky

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Conventional wisdom has it that Scotch whisky and high-end vehicles generally don’t mix. It’s true, you shouldn’t be imbibing before heading out for a day’s drive in the country—but when you think about it, the refinement of design in both luxury whisky and luxury cars has a lot in common. The whisky masters over at Bowmore must have figured this out first, because by teaming up with Aston Martin’s lead designer they’ve just produced one of the most unique single malts I’ve seen in a long time.

The Bowmore & Aston Martin Masters’ Selection Scotch Whisky draws on decades of refinement from each company’s respective master designer. It’s a whisky of exquisite proportionality—nothing too much, nothing too little, and everything in its place. It’s powerful and complex, with an evolving character that takes you through stages of honey, raisins, oak, smoke, stone fruits, and citrus before ending on a pleasantly warm and spicy finish.

It’s available in the US starting November 2021 at $300 a bottle. 

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