Brabus 900 Rocket Edition

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If there is one company who knows how to put the sport in a sport utility vehicle, it’s Brabus.

Under the hood of this modified Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 is a twin-turbo 4.5L V8 engine producing 900 horsepower. It also creates 1,250 Newton-meters of torque, that’s over 920 pound-feet going to the wheels.

Blasting this Brabus Rocket from 0 to 60 miles per hour only requires 3.7 seconds and it can reach a top speed of 174 mph. Brabus tuned it for open space as well thanks to a brand new Widestar aerodynamic concept featured throughout the exterior of the 900 Rocket. 

Other modifications include 24-inch aero-disc wheels, custom exhaust system with valve control, and a luxurious bespoke interior. Brabus always rolls the red carpet out for every vehicle they craft. 

Brabus 900 Rocket Edition

You can choose from one of two colors for the Brabus Rocket Edition, Signature Black or Stealth Gray. There are also several carbon fiber trim accents throughout the interior and exterior of the limited edition SUV. 

Combining the essence of a modern supercar with the Mercedes G-Class may seem unconventional at first glance. In the end, Brabus nails it with the 900 Rocket Edition. 

Even the handling is much improved over the standard G-Class experience thanks to the Brabus RideControl suspension system. There is plenty of grip for launching this Rocket as well thanks to all-wheel-drive. You might not make it to the moon but you will never want to stop trying.

The switchable exhaust modes provide the perfect ambience for your driving mood. A Sport setting gives you the throaty roar of the Brabus twin-turbo V8 while the Coming Home setting quiets it down to a purr. No need to wake the neighbors after a spirited run.

There is no word if a full space suit comes with the Brabus 900 Rocket Edition as of yet. Other than that, all systems go. Get ready for take-off in ten, nine, eight, seven…

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