Braven Limited Edition BRV-XXL

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When it comes to portable audio, Braven sets the standard in nearly every category — be it outdoor-friendly speakers, pocket-friendly speakers, or home audio. Their latest — this limited edition BRV-XXL Speaker in white — raises the bar once again.

The BRV-XXL is hailed as their “biggest and baddest portable speaker” to date, and is equally at home at a tailgating party as it is by the pool or at the beach. Its protected against falls, sand, dust, and dirt thanks to an IPX5 waterproof construction, while quadruple drivers with 360 degree sound and adjustable EQ settings provide a powerful, crystal-clear audio in any environment. The speaker’s crowning achievement, however, is it’s massive 15,600 mAh battery that can provide up to 14 hours of continuous play time while simultaneously charging your other devices. – $350