Breakside Lunch Break IPA

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Read that employee manual. Dollars to donuts it says you’re not supposed to have a beer on lunch then go back to work. But maybe that’s only because those who wrote the manual haven’t found the right beer. Brewed to a reasonable 4.7% ABV, Lunch Break IPA is a hoppy session beer, meant for a lunch — or any other — break in your day. The hops that Breakside called on for this pale include Cascade (grapefruity), Simcoe (citrusy), and Rakau (resiny), all combining to make a very classically hopped IPA with a solid maltiness to back it up.

Breakside has been making beer (and winning awards for it) since 2010 in Northeast Portland, Oregon. If you’re feeling like adding a little hop, skip and jump (but mostly hop) to your next lunch break, they sell their suds by the twenty-two ounce bottle in twelve and a half states — Colorado, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Northern California among them. Buy an extra bottle for those employee handbook writers and let’s see if we can’t change some minds. Learn more at Breakside Brewery.

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