Breckenridge Snow Glare Hoppy Wheat Ale

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There are beers you can drink and enjoy year-round — which we certainly appreciate and approve of — and then there are beers that just strike the right chord at the right time of year. These beers are fresh, flavorful, and often perfect for the season at hand — in this case, the harsh climes of winter(which will hopefully ease up in a few months).

For the times in between, this is the beer to go with. The Snow Glare Hoppy Wheat Ale from Breckenridge fits the bill quite nicely in this regard, with all the hallmarks you’d expect from a refreshing, pleasingly seasonal ale.

The brewery looked to channel the energy of the mountains and the melting snow, and while we’d recommend you enjoy this beer right now, the hoppy wheat character makes it perfect for winter, too. The 6 percent ABV packs a punch, but it’s not too overpowering. That’s another quality of a beer we appreciate and enjoy, and we think you’ll feel much the same. – Learn More

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