Breville Smart Oven

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The sheer, crispy, puffed perfection of a pizza crust baked in a traditional, brick oven cannot be overstated.  Unfortunately, most people don’t have the space or funds to install this gourmet luxury in their kitchen.  If you don’t have the proximity of New York pizzerias to compensate, you may have resigned yourself to a sad life of subpar pizza crust.  Never fear, there is a solution.

Specifically, the Pizzaiolo domestic countertop oven delivers wood fired authenticity with 750 degrees F and the same conductive, convective, and radiant heat particular to brick ovens.  Best of all, these brushed stainless smart ovens take up roughly 19 square inches of counter space while delivering up to 12-inch pies baked to perfection via seven presets and a manual mode. – Shop Now

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