Brooklyn Summer Ale

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Their brewmaster wrote the book on beer. Well, one of them (The Brewmaster’s Table). And he edited another (The Oxford Companion to Beer). So, no, the beer from Brooklyn Brewery isn’t coming from some kid fresh out of college with a fermentation science degree and big dreams. And Brooklyn Brewery itself gets serious credibility for being open since the 80s, decades before artisanal doughnuts, shuffleboard clubs, and many more breweries invaded the borough.

It stands to reason, then, that finding a good summer ale might be as easy as seeing what these guys have on offer. Their refreshing hot-weather brew, called simply enough, Brooklyn Summer Ale, is a Sunny style pale made from British Pale and German Pilsner malts with four hops for a bright aroma and clean bitterness. They recommend pairing it with lightly spicy dishes, adventures and summer concerts, and that sounds about right to us. – Learn More

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