Brutalist-Lab Titan Concrete Speakers

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These concrete-encased speakers will be around long after the latest musical trends have died out and come back around again, and will look good while you wait. Bridging the divide between lo-fi and high-tech, BRUTALIST-Lab makes speakers that employ the latest bluetooth connectivity but reside in industrial-revolutionary concrete.

Each one is handmade by 2 guys out in Budapest and mixed to order. No 2 will look alike. And the concrete shell does more than just look sharp and last longer than most other speakers, it also delivers improved sound resonance from the dual 75mm 60 watt speakers. Available now for pre-order, you can even get them to customize your concrete pigments for a forever set of speakers you can pass on to your grandkids. Learn more at Brutalist-Lab.

Brutalist-Lab Titan Concrete Speakers

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