Burch Barrel V2

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If the Burch Barrel V2 reminds you of a 55-gallon barrel suspended by a chain on some pipes, there’s a reason—that’s exactly how the first Birch Barrel was made. Of course, there’s a heck of a lot more sophistication going on here, with features and quality of construction that make this primitive/modern contraption possibly the most badass way to cook your food, apart from setting a grill grate on an active volcano.  

The Burch Barrel V2 is portable. Though keep in mind, the barrel itself weighs 45 pounds and the tripod stand adds another 20—you’re not hauling this deep into the backcountry. But since the packable legs feature clutch-action adjustability, you can set up on a rocky riverbank as confidently as on your brand spankin’ new composite wood deck. 

Burch Barrel V2

In possibly the coolest feature (that definitively sets this apart from a jury-rigged barrel contraption) is the pistol-grip slider that lets you raise the lid and grill grate, food and all, above the flames so you can get at your charcoal or wood to add more fuel or stoke the flames. 

Exacting chefs will enjoy the multiple sets of vents that control airflow and heat, along with the ability to move the coal pan up or down inside the barrel to adjust heat levels. (And every chef, exacting or not, will enjoy reaching in there with a fireproof glove to move the pan up or down the spiral track.) 

It all comes in a form that makes the grill the center of attention, with a full 360 degrees of space to gather around and marvel at the food and flames. 

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