C-SEED M1 4K Retractable MicroLED TV

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Do you hate it when your billboard-sized TV takes up too much space? The best solution is to have that beast hide beneath the floorboards until called upon. Push a button and the C-Seed M1 4K Retractable MicroLED TV lifts from the floor like Nosferatu from the coffin before unfurling itself to reveal a virtually seamless and very massive 165-inch screen. 

If this sort of tech sounds familiar, you may be thinking of the Austrian company’s previous outdoor TV the 201. This version doesn’t have to worry about things like weather-fastness and direct sunlight, so instead, C-Seed focused on making the visual and audio output as high-end as possible. The microLED tech not only creates a high-clarity pic, C-Seed also gave the M1 screens a surface treatment to make the deep blacks even deeper (while also preventing glare). 

MicroLED tech is part of what makes such a monster of a screen possible. As you may remember from Samsung’s upcoming 110-incher, the screen is actually a collage of panels, perfectly calibrated to appear as a single surface. C-Seed blends the M1’s five “wings” into one with their Adaptive Gap Calibration that renders the small distance between the panels invisible by measuring the distance between them and bumping the brightness of the nearby LEDs to accommodate. 

Housed in a machined metal frame with the soundbar organically integrated, this TV has all the makings of one unforgettable movie night (regardless of what you screen). To get the M1 in your home, you’ll need a contractor to help make a tell-tale-heart hidey-hole for the TV, and you’ll need to send C-Seed $400,000. After that, you’ll pretty much have no reason to leave the house. 

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