Cambridge Audio Alva TT Bluetooth aptX Turntable

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The Alva TT is a Direct Drive Turntable with Bluetooth aptX HD. To know what that means for your home audio setup requires breaking that all down. TT just stands for turntable, and Alva is the product name, shared by a couple of their preamps (and perhaps named for inventor Thomas Alva Edison? But that’s just speculation). Direct drive means the motor turns the platter directly (as opposed to the sub-optimal belt drive configuration) and bluetooth tells you that the wire between this turntable and your speaker of choice is completely optional. 

And AptX HD? Developed by Qualcomm, it’s a codex that allows delivery of 24-bit wireless audio over Bluetooth with a highly improved signal-to-noise ratio, aka higher-fidelity sound, which is the whole point of spinning vinyl in the first place. The last piece of the puzzle is the brand name: Cambridge Audio. These British sound engineers have been producing amplifiers, pre-amps, and other hi-fi audio equipment for the past half century. They’re kinda known for not messing around when it comes to high-end sound. 

Put it all together and you have a turntable ready to send the beautiful analog sound of your records as faithfully as possible to the waiting receiver, be it your headphones, a bluetooth speaker, or the Cambridge Audio amplifier of your choice.   

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