Camelbak MultiBev Bottle

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You diligently carry your trusty reusable water bottle around as much as your modern, preoccupied mind permits. You feel the tiny satisfaction that comes with taking responsibility and reducing impact. But then you want—no need—a cup of coffee to make it through a day of pumpkin patch visits and grocery store trips and dog food acquisition. Is your good effort blown to the wind if you decide to get yourself a java togo? Not with Camelbak’s brilliant MultiBev Bottle. 

Even if you don’t put an obsessive amount of thought into the footprint of your beverage choices, this is a particularly smart all-in-one. At first glance, it’s a stainless, vacuum insulated bottle for your daily hydration. But integrated into the bottle is a 16-ounce insulated cup that unscrews from the bottom. Inside the cap, there’s a second lid hidden. Folded and made from silicone, it unfurls to cap the cup. Now bringing your water bottle along for the day means you’ve brought a latte vessel too—and nothing goes in the trash. 

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