Canoo MPDV

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As society continues the forward progress of the e-commerce era, delivery trucks continue to play an important role in everyday life. There was a time when you could hear or even smell the diesel engines of delivery trucks as they went about their daily routes. 

With so many companies making a commitment to using electric vehicles in their fleet, the future of neighborhood home delivery services is going to be a lot quieter and leave a much smaller footprint. 

One company is looking to advance the EV transition by offering solutions right now. In fact, you will probably be seeing the all-new Canoo MPDV in a neighborhood near you sooner than you think.  

The MPDV is an electric multi-purpose delivery vehicle. Industry variations force many vehicles into a one-size-fits-all category which doesn’t make a lot of sense when it comes to efficiency.

Canoo engineers their multi-purpose delivery vehicle to maximize cargo volume, efficiency, and productivity. In other words, the MPDV is purpose-built to be the ideal delivery vehicle. It offers a lower total cost of ownership with easy maintenance so you can focus on your business, not your trucks.

If you feel lost at sea with all the commercial vehicle options on the market, cue the Canoo to get you back to shore. They keep it simple. They currently offer two options, the MPDV1 or the MPDV2. If you need more space, the MPDV2 is a slightly larger vehicle with more cargo volume. The MPDV1 is 6.2 feet tall while the MPDV2 reaches 8.4 feet. 

Pricing starts at only $33,000 and Canoo is already accepting pre-orders. If you want to add EV delivery trucks to your business, Canoo is ready to guide the way.

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