Caracat 860 Caravan Catamaran

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You’ve heard of the freedom-loving virtues of van life—but there’s been a long tradition of wanderers and iconoclasts living out of houseboats, too. Not until this year, however, has there been one vehicle that could seamlessly combine the two lifestyles.

Enter the Caracat. Named for its unique combination of part caravan, part catamaran, it’s a first-of-its-kind land and sea vehicle that’s just begging to become part of your adventurous lifestyle. 

The basic premise is this: Using a patented design, the Caracat can open and close its bottom pontoons to transform from a water-worthy vessel to a haul-along camper. Inside, you’ll find all the amenities that come with a class B camper van, from abundant seating options to a gorgeous kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Truly, there is no other vehicle like this in existence.

Caracat 860 Caravan Catamaran

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