Carnivore Pizza Challenge

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Sure, every man loves pizza, and can probably eat a whole pie in one sitting along with a few beers. But for those looking to take it to a whole new, insane level of gluttony, grab a hungry buddy, head on over to the Big Pie in the Sky Pizzeria in Atlanta, and take the Carnivore Challenge.

For $50, you and another person must eat every last bite of an eleven-pound pizza containing a pound each of six different types of meats, in under an hour. The prize? 250 dollars, entry into the Big Pie Hall of fame, and about a weeks worth of heart burn. The rules are simple: Eat the pizza in under an hour, don’t throw up, and don’t leave the general vicinity during the contest. Think you have what it takes? Belly up to the table and do what comes natural. Over 1200 guys who considered themselves worthy have attempted and failed, while only a handful have succeeded. We recommend loosening your belt. Better yet, wear some elastic band sweatpants for this one.
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