Casa No Castanheiro Cabin, Portugal

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What’s your idea of a perfect vacation? If it involves long days spent shopping in rustic plazas, nights out at the hottest clubs, and more regional food than you could possibly eat in a lifetime—then you should turn away from Casa No Castanheiro right now. At two and a half hours from Porto and four hours from Lisbon by car, it is essentially isolated from the rest of the world; and the cabin’s natural wood and cork construction and stark architecture only serve to further emphasize this. 

But for those brave souls who seek solace in time alone, peering deeply into the workings of nature, you would be hard pressed to find a better retreat than the Casa. Its clean, simple lines begin to blend into the atmosphere provided by the stark countryside dotted with small farming plots. And from its vantage point high up on a plateau, overlooking the valley below, you just may find the perspective you’ve been seeking.

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