Casio Vintage A100 Series Watches

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I wore my dad’s old Casio through the majority of the ‘90s until it literally fell off my wrist. If anyone can lay claim to  some true old-school, retro digital watch design, it’s Casio. The F100 Casio was first released 43 years ago in 1978. It was the brand’s first model to feature a case made from resin, the material that would go on to encase their nigh-indestructible G-Shock just a few years later. And if it looks familiar, you may be thinking of Ripley’s timepiece from Alien, though the prop department doubled up two cases on one strap to make the watch look properly futuristic. 

Casio Vintage A100 Series watches look nearly identical to the F100 in the face, LCD readout, and in the four color-coded function buttons.  The strap this time is stainless steel—a slightly more durable option—and the case is metallic plated to put a little more retro/future shine in your day. 

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