CCM Blackout Spitfire Motorcycle

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Sometimes heroes emerge from the shadows, but that doesn’t mean they can’t steal the show. Reaching stardom on the silver screen alongside Black Widow in the upcoming Marvel film, the CCM Blackout Spitfire Motorcycle can now become your sidekick. Make no mistake about it, this bike looks and is badass.

Introducing a new kind of hero, this CCM Spitfire lives up to its name. Even though it earned its starring role thanks to styling alone, it also passed every motorcycle stunt test the coordinators threw its way. 

This Limited Edition Movie Tribute Spitfire features a 600 cc single cylinder, four-stroke engine. With 55 brake horsepower and 50 Nm of torque, the Blackout is ready to spit fire at anything in its way.

Mikuni D45 fuel injection pours gasoline on the fire to keep the engine running hot. A 6-speed gearbox with a wet, hydraulic control clutch shifts gears when you need to. The standard chain final drive provides an experience many riders are familiar with.

Each model features the red, black, and grey color scheme, hand-painted for a perfect finish on the brilliant carbon bodywork. The modern sculpting of the fuel tank is impressive alone, but the paint really makes it pop. 

A premium grey micro-suede saddle puts the rider in control at all times. Roaring to life through the slash-cut twin-level exhaust pipes, every villain will know when the Blackout arrives on the scene. 

Don’t wander into your next adventure without the CCM Blackout Spitfire Motorcycle by your side. Show up on this to make sure everybody knows you mean business and you’re not afraid to take names, if that’s what it takes.

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