Classified MOTO 1992 Honda CT70 “Junior”

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If there is one thing the Classified MOTO 1992 Honda CT70 “Junior” proves, it’s that fun things can indeed come in small packages. Sometimes it’s not the size of the dog that counts, but its character. Junior has plenty of character and then some.

Upon first glance, Junior grabs the imagination with trendy steampunk vibes. This custom minibike looks like something a crazed inventor spent countless hours losing sleep over until realizing their eureka moment. “It’s working, it’s working.” 

Putting the young Anakin Skywaker’s exclamations aside, this minibike’s styling is not only for looks. This minibike really runs and Classified MOTO is planning on releasing a series of street legal Juniors in the future. 

Classified MOTO’s Junior became an internet sensation starring in RESTRICTED Episode 3, “Livin’ the Dream” as a capable wheelie machine. If watching an adult perform wheelies on a minibike does not interest you, perhaps seeing the details behind this build will. It’s worth a look if you like to peek behind the scenes. 

Classified MOTO put a lot of wrench time into creating Junior, beginning with their signature anodized gold custom inverted forks. Custom front disc brakes provide plenty of stopping power while the RFY adjustable piggyback rear shock keeps handling tight. 

Best of all, the steampunk-looking exhaust is fully functional, as expected. It looks cool and the Honda CT70 engine still sounds great. A custom Van Herten Outerwear seat adds a nice finishing touch. 

Demand for the Classified MOTO 1992 Honda CT70 Junior is so overwhelmingly positive because this minibike is well-built with unique styling to boot. This is not your average minibike, it turns a lot of heads. Minibike enthusiasts will want to take notice of every little detail. 

It may not be the most complex custom minibike out there, but it always leaves a lasting impression. Nothing about this minibike is a joke, but riding it promises to have you laughing and smiling just the same. From having fun to adding another minibike to your collection, Junior is good to go.

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