Cleveland Speedshop Falcon BLK Motorcycle

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Riding the wave of the future includes embracing the age of electric mobility. Navigating city limits with zero emissions, the Cleveland Speedshop Falcon BLK Motorcycle is the perfect e-mobility solution for modern life. This Founders Edition exclusive Falcon model features a sleek design using premium quality CNC-machined parts.

When it comes to e-bikes, agility is just as important as having enough juice to go the distance. The Cleveland Falcon BLK Electric Motorcycle hits both nails on the head. At 175 pounds, the Cleveland Falcon is a lot lighter than traditional motorcycles. Resembling the size of a bicycle more so than a cruiser, this design provides plenty of comfort for riders of all shapes and sizes without sacrificing handling.

The Falcon BLK has plenty of battery life with a range of up to 180 miles on a full charge. This allows riders plenty of time to run errands while going from point A to point B. Considering the low maintenance appeal of a 100% electric powertrain, the Cleveland Falcon will be ready to hit the streets every day.

Riders looking to have a little more fun will enjoy the performance of the Cleveland Speedshop Founders Edition Falcon. The 4.60 KWH electric motor provides a top speed of over 85 miles per hour. If the top speed does not provide enough smiles per miles, Cleveland also equips the Falcon BLK with an Angry Pixy Mode which acts as an Electric “Nitrous” Boost System.

Best of all, the Cleveland Speedshop BLK Falcon does not use any speed or power limiters. This may lead to some enthusiasts getting a lot of use out of the included 45 minute quick charger while they explore the true capability of the Falcon BLK e-motorcycle.

No matter how much experience you have riding motorcycles, the Cleveland Falcon BLK is easy to ride. A clutchless direct drive system allows riders to enjoy a shiftless transmission experience on the Falcon BLK. Michelin Pilot Power Tires keep the bike gripping the surface like it is riding on rails. 

If you are looking for a convenient transportation method, the Cleveland Speedshop Falcon BLK Motorcycle is an impressive machine. A two year unlimited-mile warranty provides additional peace-of-mind because reliable transportation is priceless. 

There is one catch, if you have interest in the Falcon you must act fast. Cleveland Speedshop builds each Falcon BLK Motorcycle by hand and they are only going to make 20 of them. Each Falcon BLK will roll out of the factory in Cleveland, Ohio boasting the pride of the team who built it. Experience the future of electric vehicles crafted with an artisan touch with a Cleveland Speedshop Falcon BLK Motorcycle.

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