Cloud Walker Hazy Juicy IPA

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If there’s one style that’s really defined American beer over the last half-decade or so, it’s been the IPA, in all its various forms and styles, from different hop blends to different serving styles and even rich coloration that makes you want to pull out a color wheel. And on that note, there’s a new IPA you need to try now, especially as we hit the warmer confines of summer.

The Cloud Walker Hazy Juicy IPA from Philadelphia’s own Victory Beer is the way to go, blending the best of the best when it comes to the IPA style. In this case, that means Citra and Mosaic hops, plus malts incorporating wheat, lactose and flaked oats.

If that sounds like it’s got the potential to be all too much at once, fear not — the resulting IPA is rich, juicy and hazy (as the name would imply), all without being overdone in the slightest. It’s a year-round beer that would do just as well on your boat or at your pool as it will during a football tailgate in the fall.

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