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This is a book called Coffee Lids. But it couldn’t possibly be about coffee lids. Coffee Lids is obviously the name of a freestyle skate legend from Uruguay. Or it was NASA’s code name for serial staging on the Saturn V rockets. Ok then, Coffee Lids is about maverick future cop, Sergeant Coffee and his loyal robot lemur, Lids. Nope. Coffee Lids is a 255 page book about those white plastic discs you affix to the top of your java to prevent crotch ignition and upper lip searing as you take your caffeine to go…and it’s fascinating.

Written by two people who collected so many coffee lids, Smithsonian Magazine named their stash the world’s largest collection, this book is for all those people who have ever wondered at the mind-boggling design that hides behind the mind-numbingly ordinary.

Frame-worthy close up photos and selected patent drawings for various iterations of coffee lids are accompanied by an in-depth classification system and field guide describing the various types and functions of coffee lids. Read on, drink up. – Shop Now

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