Coleman OneSource Heated Sleeping Bag

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Even for those dedicated outdoorsy types, winter camping presents a whole range of challenges that most people would rather not deal with. But the rewards for heading out into the ice and cold with your backpack and sleeping bag can be amazing in equal measure, offering the peace and solace of nearly empty campgrounds and parks, and the almost supernatural quiet of the morning after a snow.

Coleman’s OneSource Heated Sleeping Bag is our choice for making those dropping temperatures not just more bearable, but even downright comfortable. The mummy-shaped bag already does a good job at retaining heat, but two battery-powered heating pads really emphasize that this is a bag made for braving the wintry cold. It can heat for two to four hours on a single battery, or double that with an additional battery that’s sold separately— which we highly recommend if you want to stay toasty all night long.

Price: $160 $120

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