Columbia SH/FT OutDry Mid Shoes

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It always pays to be prepared in advance, and when we’re talking about the best hiking shoes for men, it’s no more fitting than as we start to stare down fall.

Your next rugged outdoor adventure, especially one going deep off-trail, deserves a pair of footwear as well-made and committed to the cause as the Columbia SH/TF OutDry Shoes, a functional and made-for-anything pair of men’s footwear that’ll make you wonder why you didn’t own a pair before. But rugged performance isn’t all they bring to the table; no sir, consider these a suitably modern update to hiking shoes of yore, featuring the kind of sleek styling potential more commonly seen on city streets.

The abrasion-resistant full knit upper provides top-notch outdoor performance, while the real magic lies in the SH/FT cushioning, made of soft beads and a PU foam casing for all-day comfort and ease of movement. They’re unlike anything you’ve worn on your feet to hike in the past, guaranteed.

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