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Picture this tale as old as time: You’ve just finished making dinner, or are about ready to dig into a fresh plate of takeout. You pour yourself a drink, grab your plate, and head to your couch—before promptly realizing that there’s no good way to hold everything without spilling it onto your seat, your lap, and your pants. You could get a TV tray, sure—but those rarely look nice, and they’re far from comfortable. 

Instead, check out the CouchConsole: An innovative storage solution that feels a lot like the center console you’d find in a luxury car. A modular design lets you hold snacks and drinks to your exact specifications (and just check out that amazing gyroscopic drink holder). It’s as cool looking as it is functional, so when you’re ready to step up your snacking game you should definitely get a CouchConsole.

  • Price: $89
  • Features: Self Balancing Cupholder, Snack Cup, Phone & Remote Tray, Charging Dock, Storage Pocket

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