Courant Catch: 3

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The appeal of a valet tray is twofold. It feeds into the organized-mind concept of having a place for everything and everything in its place, plus when you put your keys and wallet in the same place every day, you don’t spend ten minutes looking for them before every departure. The latest valet tray from Courant does double duty too. 

The Leather Catch:3 is a handsome, Italian leather-ensconced tray that also wirelessly charges your Qi-enabled phone or peripherals on one side, with room in the gently scooped valley to hold your sunnies, spare change, watch, or whatever else your pockets disgorge at the end of the day. The bedside table is an obvious location for setting it up, but imagine having two and sticking one next to your front door too. The organizational potential is palpable. 

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