Craighill Key Capsule

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It’s a mini container that’s 2.25 inches long and weighs only 1 oz. It’s a capsule with a screw-cap lid for holding any small essentials. It attaches straight to your key ring for unbeatable convenience. The Craighill Key Capsule is your new favorite friend for any outing. 

Made from precision-machined anodized aluminum, this tiny container may look simple, but its design allows for first-class form and function. It’s perfect for a tiny stockpile of daily vitamins, a handful of post-workout Advil or afternoon breath mints, ready for you wherever you are. 

The smooth, streamlined-look and feel of this capsule sets it apart from the average screw-cap container. The threaded lid ensures secure yet efficient food-safe storage—but don’t limit your imagination to just pills and vitamins.

Price: $25

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