Craighill Station Money Clip

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Money clips continue to become more popular year after year. And you know why? Because aside from looking good as part of just about any guy’s outfit, they also prevent the problems that come along with carrying an overly bulky wallet. You know what I’m talking about: Carry a big wallet in your front pocket and your pants will look ridiculous. Carry it in your back pocket and you’ll put your spine out of place when you sit. Carry it in your bag and you’ll lose your cards when it gets jostled around.

Upgrading to a slim and functional money clip like this one from Craighill is an affordable way to elevate your everyday carry game. It’s made of titanium with a durable matte black coating, and given extra spring strength through a special annealing process. In short, it’s a good looking money clip that will be with you for decades to come.

Price: $35

Craighill Station Money Clip

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